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The uses of edible gold or silver are endless and certainly the presentation, with the addition of a similar product, improves regardless your experience in kitchen.

Gold has no taste and doesn’t affect the taste of your dishes or drinks.

Here are some recipes based on gold and silver that can be made with products from Oro Chef line.


Ham and melon with dried cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar cream and flaked gold.

INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE: 1 melon, 150 g of raw ham, dried cherry tomatoes in oil, balsamic vinegar cream and gold flakes.

Cut the melon into slices and arrange three slices on each plate and then lay the ham on it. Add the well-drained sun-dried tomatoes and finally decorate with balsamic vinegar cream and flake gold.

Canapes wih gold crumbs

INGREDIENTS (4 people): 4 slices of white bread, mayonnaise, salmon, shrimps, caviar, gelatin and crumbs.

Cut the sliced bread in half and remove the crust. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on each slice on which to place slices of salmon, shrimp or caviar. Then cover with a thin layer of gelatin. Once cool, sprinkle with powder or gold crumbs.

First course

Plate with shrimps and golden crumbs

INGREDIENTS (4 people): 4 rectangles of fresh Lasagna sheets, 700 g shrimp tails, bechamel, chives, garlic, oil and salt. For the garnish: golden crumbs.

Wash and peel the shrimp, then separate them in half on the long side. Each half must then be lightly beaten with a meat tenderizer. Put them in a pan with oil and brown them. Add salt and pepper to taste and remove them from the heat as soon as they reach a pinkish hue. Cook the lasagna sheets in boiling salted water and place them, once cooked, on a damp cloth.
On a baking dish covered with sulfur paper, place each slice of dough by folding it into an accordion and stuffing it with béchamel and shrimp. Put the pan in an oven preheated to 220 ° C for 7 to 8 minutes. Once cooked, put each puff pastry on a plate and finish with chives and golden crumbs.

Cuttlefish ink tagliolini with salmon trout and golden crumbs

INGREDIENTS (4 people): 250 gr of tagliolini, 200 gr of salmon trout, garlic, oil, pepper and salt. For the garnish: golden crumbs.

Dice the trout fillet, leaving a few slices for the final garnish and brown them in the oil and garlic for approx. 10 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook the tagliolini separately in abundant salted water and once cooked, drain and add to the fish. Quickly divide into serving dishes, add the previously sliced trout slices and garnish with golden crumbs.

Maccheroncini with smoked salmon, cream and gold crumbs

INGREDIENTS (4 people): 250 grams of fresh maccheroncini, 200 grams of smoked salmon, 200 grams of cooking cream, oil, pepper and salt. For the garnish: golden crumbs.

Cut the salmon slices into squares and put them in a saucepan to brown with oil and season with salt. Once golden, add the cream to the salmon squares. Separately cook the pasta in abundant salt water and once cooked, drain and add to the fish, sautéing for a few minutes. Adjust to taste with pepper. Arrange on plates and finish with golden crumbs.

Main course

Fillet on a bed of salad with gold and silver crumbs

INGREDIENTS (2 people): 2 beef fillets of about 200 grams each, a knob of butter, coarse salt, extra virgin olive oil to taste. Gold and silver crumbs.

In a non-stick pan, brown the fillets with the butter for a few minutes until they form a surface crust (turn them with two wooden spoons so as not to pierce them, avoiding losing all the liquids of meat). Remove the meat and transfer it to a hot plate or a grill sprinkled with coarse salt and finish cooking as desired.
Place the meat on the serving plates, previously prepared with a finely chopped seasonal salad and decorate the meat with gold crumbs and the salad as well the dish with the silver.

Shrimps au gratin with snowflake and silver crumbs

INGREDIENTS (4 people): 600 g of shrimp (or 250 g if already peeled), 1 clove of garlic, 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs, 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan, 10 g of chopped pistachios, oregano, oil, salt and pepper, flake and silver crumbs.

Shell the shrimp by removing the heads. Wash them thoroughly and dry them with paper towels. Take a baking dish and brush it with a little oil. Prepare the breading by adding the breadcrumbs, the grated parmesan, the garlic that you previously very finely chopped, the oregano, a pinch of salt and a little freshly ground pepper. Stir and also add the pistachios.
Take one prawn at a time and pass it in the breadcrumbs: the crustaceans must be completely covered by the mixture. Put a layer of breadcrumbs also on the bottom of the baking dish. Then take the prawns 3 at a time and skewer them with a skewer and place it in the baking dish.

Give a sprinkling of breadcrumbs on the prawns and also pass them with a drizzle of oil. Put them in a preheated oven at 200 ° C and turning on the grill option. After five minutes, when the breading is golden, remove from the oven and divide the skewers into the four plates and decorate with a silver crumbs and flakes. The baked prawns au gratin are ready to be served hot.


Sacher with gold or silver crumbs

Ingredients: For the dough: 170 grams of flour, 170 grams of butter, 150 grams of dark chocolate, 5 eggs, 150 grams of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of vanillin, 150 grams of jam apricot, 2 tablespoons of milk.
For the icing: 150 g of chopped dark chocolate, 30 g of butter, 100 g of icing sugar. Gold or silver crumbs to taste.

Preparation of the cake: Work the butter with the sugar and the vanillin. Add the egg yolks one by one. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in small pieces in a double boiler, let it cool and add it to the mixture.
Beat the egg whites until stiff, add the flour and baking powder to the mixture. Pour the mixture into the buttered and floured cake pan and bake at 180 ° for 40 minutes.
When the cake is warm, cut it into two or three discs depending on the height and fill the layers with apricot jam and layer them.
Brush the surface of the cake with a little jam mixed with a tablespoon of water.

Preparation of the icing: Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and add the butter. Turn off the heat and add the icing sugar, 3 tablespoons of water and mix everything. Cover the cake by spreading the frosting over the entire surface, including the edges. With the glaze still liquid, decorate with crumbs of gold or silver. Thanks to the dark surface, both products are highlighted.

Cream and chocolate ice cream with truffles and gold and silver crumbs

Place the two flavors of ice in a glass bowl previously left in the freezer. Add the gold and silver crumbs and chocolate truffles.

Pandoro with mascarpone cream, iced chestnut, dark chocolate flakes and golden crumbs

INGREDIENTS (for 8 people): 1 pandora, mascarpone, 3 egg yolks, iced chestnut, dark chocolate, cognac, 100 gr. sugar, golden crumbs.

Take pandoro and slice it horizontally. Then prepare the cream by pouring the mascarpone into a bowl, add the egg yolks and sugar. Work with the whisk to obtain a homogeneous mixture to which you will add the glass of cognac. Gently add the iced chestnut and dark chocolate that you previously reduced to small pieces. Start now by making the pandoro layers making sure to rotate the geometric shape of the cake so that it becomes a star. On top, you can arrange a little cream and garnish each end of the star with crumbs of gold and, if you wish, place a whole sheet of edible gold on top.


Fruit brochette with chocolate and gold

INGREDIENTS (for 4 people): 4 bamboo skewers, pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, melon, Chinese tangerines, currants, sugar, dark chocolate, golden crumbs.

Prepare each skewer with a piece of fresh fruit previously washed and left to dry. Melt the dark chocolate and pour it over the skewer, making sure to cover it only halfway. With the melted chocolate, garnish half of the plate, while in the other half put a sprig of redcurrants on which you will sift the sugar. To complete the garnish, crumble the crumbs over the entire plate.


Americano with gold shabin

Ingredients: 5/10 of Bitter Campari; 4/10 Red vermouth; 1/10 Soda; Ice; Orange peel; Gold

Pour the red vermouth and the Bitter into the glass filled with ice, then the soda and mix a little. Decorate with an orange slice and finally with gold leaf.
Alternatively, you can use crumb gold and insert it before the soda. The crumbs will remain in suspension giving a truly unique look.

Frozen with gold powder

Ingredients: 4/10 vodka; 6/10 Lemon Schweppes; ice; serve with a lime and gold powder.

Put crushed ice in the blender. Add the vodka and the Schweppes. Blend at full speed until the cocktail is well blended. Decorate with lime and gold.

Mojito with golden crumbs

Ingredients: 2 teaspoons of white cane sugar; 1/2 lime; 2/5 Cuban white rum; 3/5 soda; mint leaves; lemon and gold crumbs.

Mix two teaspoons of white cane sugar and the juice of half a lime at the bottom of the glass. Add the mint pressing it lightly on the bottom. Mix, add ice, rum and soda. Decorate the glass with a straw, lemon and gold crumbs.

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