Works of our customers

In this section, we have decided to show photos of works created and sent by our customers. This not only serves to show the beauty and quality of our material and the different uses, but also to give space and also to highlight talented customers whose names are not mentioned, for reasons of confidentiality, but to which we are happy to transfer any requests or simple questions that reach us concerning their works.

“La madonnina” of Milan cathedral. [ITALY]

Or 24 kt

Chapel of Saint Catherine of Italy in the Saint John cathedral in Valletta [Malta]

Or 23 3/4 kt

Hermitage of the Holy Christ of the Consuelo in Cieza. [SPAIN]

Or 22 kt

Frame made exclusively with silver leaf which, treated in different ways, gives life to so many effects. Private collection.


Angels and lion in San Marco in Venice. [ITALY]

Or 24 kt

Ronnie Wood’s Versoul Raya 6 Custom (Rolling Stones) used for the concert celebrating their 50th anniversary held at the O2 Arena in London.

Or 23 kt

Restoration of a piano commissioned by Art-décor.

Or 23 3/4 kt

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