Precious Metals

Our product range includes more than 20 different shades of metals, made with pure Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium and Platinum or their alloys. These colors are obtained by mixing metals in specific percentages. Most alloys are composed of the first 3 elements: by increasing the percentage of copper, we give the alloy a warmer color tending towards red (Red Gold), while if we increase the silver, the color becomes more cold until reaching the gray color (White Gold).
The purity of an alloy depends on the percentage of gold it contains. It starts with 24 carat pure gold up to 6 carat white gold. This characteristic, in addition to influencing the final cost of the product, is essential for obtaining gilding that lasts over time. In fact, gold is a metal that does not oxidize, unlike copper and silver which, on the contrary, exposed to air oxidize very quickly. For this reason high carats alloys, 23 carats or higher, are recommended for outdoor work, while those with 22 carats or less are recommended only for indoor work. In general, regardless of the carats, red gold is not recommended for external works.
Even indoors, if alloys of 16 carats or less are used, adequate protection is recommended to delay oxidation.

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