From 1880 to today: the story of a constantly evolving company.

In 1880, Felice Brambilla, a young man with a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, began this adventure in the heart of Milan by purchasing work tools and organizing them in a small villa, giving birth to Felice Brambilla Battiloro.

The son Costante succeeded the founder of the company and, as the market expanded and the demand increased, he decided to expand the business, including in his company two other goldbeaters. Commitment, effort and passion soon had the desired results; in fact, the quality that was the main objective of “Brambilla” was also recognized outside of Italy, thus allowing to expand the market throughout Europe. Congratulations and certifications were received at the Universal Exhibitions in London and Brussels.

And then began forty dark years characterized by the World Wars and the Great Crisis, after which production risked to stop completely, but thanks to the determination of Costante and his sons who in the meantime entered in the company’s staff, this didn’t happen. Precisely because of the wars, it was impossible to request gold from the authorities in order to continue the activity in those dramatic moments, in which the government itself was requesting it from the population. This situation led Constant to take the painful decision to merge the numerous medals won on the Italian and European rowing regatta fields.

The post-war period was a period of renewal and development everywhere and it was also for Brambilla. Precisely in those years the first automatic systems began to enter the company, which replace man in some strenuous and long phases of the working process and this permits to increase production maintaining the quality.

In the 1950s, the 4th generation joined the company, the young Oriani, direct grandchildren of Costante from whom they inherited entrepreneurial spirit and determination. With these characteristics and thanks to the support of a state of general dynamism, Alberto Oriani, representative of this generation, decided to respond to the continuous growth of customers by transferring the production plant outside Milan with the aim of further expansion, leaving only the headquarters in the center.

At this point, Brambilla sales market no longer has borders and its product can be found everywhere from America to Asia.

In 1985 Felice Brambilla Battiloro changed into Brambilla Battiloro Milano, with its own guarantee mark BBM.

It was at this time that Alberto’s daughter, Elena, joined the company and, working alongside his father, learned to manage the company in the same spirit. Her husband Marco also began to cooperate by improving and speeding up the production phases.

The advent of the new millennium is characterized by various events: the entry of the children of Elena and Marco, competition from emerging markets and a new global crisis.

Despite the difficulties, Elena and her husband Marco, with the help of Patriarch Alberto, decided to always keep the same work policy, passed down from generation to generation: quality must be the primary objective. They therefore focused on the technological choices of the Italian factory and, at the same time, opened a branch in Africa in order to offer their customers a product that is still of high quality but at competitive prices, in accordance with market requirements.

This choice was fundamental and allowed us to retain our regular customers and acquire new ones all over the world, who appreciate the quality, service, efficiency and courtesy that have always characterized our product and our company.

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